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The Edorado 7S Electric Powerboat Lets Nothing Stand In Its Path

Edorado 7S

A brand new electric powerboat concept, the Edorado 7S looks absolutely incredible while it’s silently racing through the waves at breathtaking speeds. This innovative vessel pairs a high performance electric powertrain with a stylish, eco-friendly design, that would surely impress every single one of us.

Edorado comes equipped with hydrofoil blades, that would lift the vessel and reduce its energy consumption, something that will prove to be very useful for its electric motor, that could propel this speedboat through the water at speeds of up to 40 knots, while keeping the ride super smooth and comfortable.

Add in the fact that this vessel will come with zero emissions, and you get a totally impressive package.

Edorado 7S

The design team behind the Edorado Marine company claims that the system they’ve developed will allow owners and enthusiasts to enjoy Eldorado for about 80 km before needing to recharge its batteries – if they’re cruising at around 25 knots, that is.

You should also know that Edorado Marine is already taking pre-orders for the 7S vessel, with the first series set to hit the water as soon as possible. We don’t have any clue how much it will cost yet, although we’re sure the beauty and exclusivity this vessel provides will convince you to ignore that. That’s always been the story with fashion and luxury enthusiasts, and this electric powerboat seems to blend those two passions together.

Edorado 7S


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