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The Donkervoort D8 GTO “1000 Miglia Edition” Hits The Streets

By Victor Baker


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Dutch boutique automaker Donkervoort has recently introduced the limited-run D8 GTO “1000 Miglia Edition”, designed after the car which served as the Official Support Car at this year’s edition of the Mille Miglia. Donkervoort wanted to celebrate this achievement by launching a special edition of just 25 units of this beauty, meant to honor the renowned event.

The ultra light sports cars has been upgraded to a tourer’s definition, which means the company’s engineers have worked on making the car more comfortable rather than keeping it track-focused though.

Powering this exclusive ride is a less powerful version of the 2.5-liter TFSI engine sourced from Audi, developing 310 bhp (231 kW). With an overall weight of 760 kg (1,675 lbs), this model is on the heavier side compared to previous models which featured an extensive use of carbon fiber parts. However, this particular vehicle does come with a higher driving position and adjustable comfort shock absorbers.

There’s also a decent dashboard, with conventional dials and phone & navigation access in the cockpit. Donkervoort made sure that special logos and badges hint on the exclusivity of the vehicle, which starts at €115,000, without VAT.

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