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The Dark Knight Rises backpack

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If you’ve spent your entire childhood dreaming of super heroes and trying to become one, here is a nice way of bringing those memories back, but, this time they’re as real as they can get. UDReplicas presents the special edition Dark Knight Rises backpacks, priced at $291 each.

They won’t only transform you into a superhero, but they’ll also make you look as if you are coming out of a Batman movie sequel shoot. The backpack got its inspiration mainly from the Dark Knight Rises sequel, where the main hero uses a backpack that looks exactly like this one. Due to the close resemblance and thanks to the exquisite work it was realised with, the pack has been presented with official license from the makers of the movie.

Mind you, UDReplicas has already manufactured a full size Batman suit, but their current, smaller achievement, is as stunning as the suit. If you’re curious where this bag appears in the movie, just check the Batman Begins. It has been used from that until the last of the series, The Dark Night Rises. The main difference between them was their length, as it has shortened from one movie to the next one.

The Batman Backpack is crafted from hard motorcycle grade body armor its exterior, while the interior is made of form molded leather. The harnesses are entirely adjustable, to fit every wearers’ sizes and to provide some degree of comfort while wearing it. Inside, the backpack hides ample amounts of space, being able to cozily fit four 500-ml bottles – this means enough carrying capacity for everyday use. In addition, the Backpack was fitted with special pockets for smartphones and tablets, also providing some sort of protection to them. As for the strapping accessories and the buckles, they were garnished with dark bronze shading to fit the overall design.


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