The “Avión Collection” Crystal Sipping Decanter Gift Set

Avión Collection

We’ve all had those days: sitting at the computer, working, typing, crunching the numbers while taking a bite out of a sandwich or treating ourselves to some chips – hardly. That is the moment you start daydreaming about a fancy restaurant, a nice dinner, good company and a smooth drink. Today we have something that true tequila aficionados will surely appreciate, a specially designed tequila set, with wonderful glasses and a sophisticated decanter allowing you to fully appreciate your favorite drink.

Tequila Avión, best described as World’s Best Tasting Tequila, has recently partnered with Waterford to create a limited-edition, luxury decanter gift set. Called Avión, the collection includes both a fine crystal decanter and pair of crystal rocks glasses that aim to please tequila enthusiasts from all over the world and offer them truly elevated sipping experience.

Avión Collection

Inspire by Avión’s single source Rare Blue Weber Agave, the raw ingredient that’s so critical to the quality and taste of this high-end tequila, the gorgeous decanter and glasses have been specially designed to resemble a freshly harvested agave “pina”, the heart of the agave plant.

The ritual of pouring a glass of Avión with this luxurious set enhances the amazing aromas & flavors, thus allowing one to fully appreciate the rich sensorial experience of Tequila Avión. Please note that the Avión Collection is accompanied by a 750ml bottle of the award-winning Avión Añejo tequila.