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The 70m Sestante Project Brings Out The Best Of Two Worlds


Here’s a new interesting partnership from the world of superyachts. The award-winning Italian shipyard Baglietto has recently joined forces with Dutch design firm Mulder Design to imagine one of the most stunning vessels unveiled this year.

Called the Sestante project, this stylish concept is a 70-meter yacht, featuring clean lines and large volumes – something you might have expected from the likes of Mulder Design. Looking as grand as it does, this superb vessel also promises incredible comfort aboard, thanks to enhanced stability and efficiency in various speed and weather conditions.


The hull shape we see here has been specifically designed to deliver a higher top speed, while retaining its long-range capabilities. With that in mind, it is no surprise that Sestante will be able to achieve speeds of over 25 knots and it might even cover a range of 6,500 nm, when cruising at 12 knots. Impressive, right?

Future owners may opt out for one of many propulsion packages, although the aforementioned figures are the result of a Voith Linear Jet system putting everything in motion. Unfortunately we don’t have too many technical details yet, but we’re sure Baglietto or Mulder Design will release more information (and hopefully photos) in the near future.

In the end, we also have to mention that Sestante comes complete with a pool on the upper deck, as well as a spacious owner’s stateroom and two VIP suites, each with its own balcony. Ready for a ride?



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