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The $7.7M Celestial House could easily Take your Breath Away

By Victor Baker


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Celestial House

Located in the West End of the British Virgin Islands, perched right on top of a hill in a jaw dropping secluded setting, the Celestial House is beyond stunning. This beautiful property is looking down at one of the island’s most renowned beaches, offering absolutely amazing views of the sea and covering 3.10 acres of land.

Boasting 5 bedroom and 5 bathrooms, as well as a fully-equipped kitchen, this marvelous house will probably take you as close to Heaven as possible, without actually having to meet Saint Paul. A wrap-around veranda welcomes guests into the main section of the house, which includes the extensive living room, the modern kitchen and a gorgeous dining room.

Celestial House

The spacious living and dining areas are more than capable to handle big social events or friendly gatherings, allowing guests to enjoy the sublime views, while appreciating the home’s elegant interiors. The entire property has been designed with incredible attention to detail, with a unique marine theme that will get owners and guests alike into a soothing mood.

Come sundown, admiring the surrounding palm trees, as well as the wide variety of tropical and floral displays, seems the best way of spending the evening. And did we mention the mesmerizing pool ? You’re probably drooling over it as we speak.

Celestial House


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