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The 55-Metre Gemma Concept is Beyond Stunning!

By Victor Baker


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Gemma Concept

Italian yacht designers Antonino Muto and Alberto Franchi have teamed up once again for a new stunning project, a gorgeous 55-metre sloop that was called Gemma. This marvelous sailing yacht concept is set to accommodate up to 12 guests on board, within six elegant staterooms and incredible social areas; but don’t worry, there is also room for a small crew to cater to your every need.

This fresh design seems to come straight out of our wildest dreams, especially once you take a glimpse of Gemma’s interesting deckhouse. Designed to be fully glazed, with the capability to change opacity, this unique deckhouse is probably the cherry on top of an already awesome project.

Gemma Concept

You see, the designers of this magnificent vessel thought that it might be cool for the glass that forms the deckhouse to be electrochromic, which means it could make the deckhouse completely dull and protect passengers from unwanted attention or the sun’s scorching hot rays.

That means you’ll have privacy, protection, and the possibility to impress guests and everyone else around the yacht – all at the touch of a button. Other than that, everything remains a mystery – including the eventual pricing of the Gemma concept. One thing’s for sure, though – everyone would love the way this concept looks.

Gemma Concept

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