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Tecnomar’s Domus Concept Takes Us Into The Future

Tecnomar Domus 1

Hello, people; I am not sure why, but this is one of those rare Mondays I woke up in a good mood. Weird, I know; aside from this strange phenomenon, I will direct your attention to the word of the day – Domus.

I’m not really a history passionate, but I do appreciate the small and interesting details in our past. For instance: did you know that, in ancient Rome, the Domus was a type of town house occupied by the wealthy?

It seems that these residences were constructed with the aid of intricate marble decorations, such as marble paneling, expensive paintings and so on.

Moreover, the word ‘dom’ in modern Slavic languages also means “home”. Can you see where I am getting at?  Obviously, the visual representation of these old townhouses has taken over your imagination, and possibly our dreams. 

That’s where Tecnomar comes in.

Tecnomar Domus 2

The Italian Sea Group’s flagship brand, associated with high-performance superyachts, has unveiled a new charter-focused concept called – you’ve guessed it – Domus.

This 36-metre creation is what Romans might have considered a ‘villa by the sea’, and by the looks of things, anyone of us mere mortals would love nothing more than to call this vessel ‘home’.

Developed in-house, The Italian Sea Group’s 280 GT project boasts an aluminum construction while flaunting a spacious and adaptable platform.

This means that wealthy and potentially very lucky customers may, in fact, customize their preferred layout, with a 36 square meter beach club at the stern attracting all the attention.

Tecnomar Domus 3

Featuring large side windows that deliver both privacy and protection from nature’s whisper, this open and connected environment provides guests aboard adjacent social areas as well as an intimate dialogue with the sea.

Let’s not forget about the 60 square meter sundeck, which has been divided into an indoor and outdoor area; as such, there is no surprise in the designers considering this the most popular hangouts aboard.

With a covered deck house incorporating a bar, lounge and even a DJ booth with side windows this superyacht is bound to get you in the mood to travel. 

Tecnomar Domus 7

The wheelhouse benefits from maximum visibility all around the yacht, although it is worth mentioning that all loose furniture can – upon demand – be put aside in order for large groups to truly enjoy the wonderful experiences this vessel has to offer. Speaking of experiences, the inside of this man-made creation isn’t half-bad, either.

The designers imagined a fluid passage across the two internal decks, with a high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows allowing guests to feel free across these spacious areas.

Tecnomar Domus 11

Oriental influences are felt joining forces with a Made-in-Italy vibe, all the while various shades and types of wood are complemented by the use of Calacatta gold marble. It just looks magical, doesn’t it?

Whether it’s the panoramic country-style galley or observation lounge, the offset dining table and adjacent lounge; you will free right at home aboard this yacht.

Tecnomar Domus 12

Domus delivers a five-cabin layout, thus allowing up to 10 guests to enjoy a one-in-a-lifetime experience and tell everyone about it. As the future unfolds itself, wave by wave, in front of this aquatic creation, Volvo Penta’s IPS drive system will make sure drag, water resistance or the elements will not stand in the way of your travel plans.

Tecnomar Domus 13

As such, four Volvo 1350 kW engines complete the long list of impressive equipment and ideas that make this vessel what it is and allows it to travel at speeds of up to 21 knots and cover a range of 1,000 nm at 10 knots. Speaking of speed, I am in a hurry; so, try to answer this riddle: where to?

Tecnomar Domus 10


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