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Subsee Trimaran Explorer Yacht Concept by Sylvain Viau Design

French naval architect and engineer Sylvain Viau has come up with an intriguing yacht concept dubbed Subsee.

The project is intended for long trips and is thus perfect for those with leisurely journeys across the oceans in mind. This makes it especially great at reaching remote diving locations safely and comfortably. Subsee’s trimaran configuration is what gives her this great speed and autonomy, which is her main advantage compared to other yachts of this kind.

The propulsion setup is based on a diesel-electric system, with gensets integrated into side hulls providing a silent and comfortable cruise. Thus the 69-meter LOA yacht can reach a top speed of 19 knots. Subsee also works well with other types of vehicles: up to four submarines can be accommodated and operated with the fully integrated lifting system, and there’s even a helideck for resupplying and passenger transport.

While still just in the concept phase, Subsee looks like a really cool yacht design and is bound to catch the eye of some millionaire ocean explorer sooner or later.


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