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The Sleek and Efficient Su-36 Superyacht Concept

By Brody Patterson


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The Su-36 superyacht concept is the brainchild of French yacht design studio MUB – Mahjoub El Mahmoudi. The 36-meter boat, whose name hints at another seafaring vessel, the submarine, features a reversed bow alongside other neat design elements, making it a very elegant and efficient ship.

This reversed bow design is, according to the latest in hydrodynamic science, the best way to absorb the waves, allowing the yacht to achieve better performance and improve fuel efficiency. The sleek shape of the boat also contributes, as do the four solar panels placed on the roof.

And that’s not the only way sunlight is being put to good use: plenty of glazed surfaces ensure there’s an abundance of natural light for the people on board to enjoy. For some outdoor fun in the sun, there’s also the so-called ‘beach club’, a place where you can just kick back and enjoy the sea breeze, perhaps even in the great overhanging Jacuzzi.


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