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Sauter Carbon unveiled the Ocean Supremacy Yacht

By Adrian Prisca


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We know many names that go with words like sea-cruises or yachts, but few of them are so efficiently keen on the idea of eco-friendliness. One of these is Sauter Carbon, a company that amazes us in terms of luxury and greenness. Their original and innovative list of projects has been enriched by a new 42-meter vessel, the Ocean Supremacy yacht. This one comes after the guys released other gorgeous creations like the world’s first carbon neutral yacht and the Zero carbon super-yacht.

The Ocean Supremacy is reportedly “one of the fastest and greenest super-yachts in the world”, being able to reach speed of 53 knots, making the cruiser immune to pirates plus boasting with a 50% fuel reduction. The vessel includes a decent number of power plants, but the main one is a 9 MW hybrid propulsion system aided by wind, solar, wave and biomass diesel power generation.

The solar energy is provided by a 70 kW marine solar array that powers a 2 MW Lloyds-approved Li-ion UPS, perfect for 14-knot-travels or a bit lower speed cruises. In terms of wind power generation, it is complementary to the solar-powering, helped by an auxiliary 200kW inflatable traction kite.

The yacht also boasts a 50 kW motion damping regeneration system for battery-charging, transforming wave energy into electricity. In addition to these emission-free power sources, the yacht includes a dual V16 series 2000 Tier 4i MTU gen set, adaptable to working with bio-diesel, each of these generating around 1 MW of power. Optionally, the crew can use the Lithium UPS power reserve, a set of 2 Siemens electric motors of 1.5 MW each. In total, all these can assure an optimum speed of a stunning 53 knots.

The accommodation on this superb yacht features 5 guests’ rooms, one of these being the owner’s master suite. The last mentioned boasts a flat-screen TV, wi-fi internet, movie & music library, a luxurious 3-seat sofa and a humongous king-size bed. Its en-suite bathroom features a walk-in dressing room with vanity counter and a double Jacuzzi.

The outskirts of the suite present themselves with gorgeous panoramic views. The most important differences between the master suite and all other guest rooms consist of the bed-size and private access to the main bridge. The guest rooms feature smaller, queen-sized beds, while the access to the main bridge isn’t directly possible. In total, the boat can accommodate 8 crew-members and 10 guests.

The vessel is currently a concept but we hope to see it finished soon enough.

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