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Robinson Crusoe-like hotel in Jamaica: the Rockhouse Hotel

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Suspended above the Pristine Cove, in the western edge of Jamaica, lays the Rockhouse Hotel – a beautiful destination for all those seeing only paper in front of their eyes and with minds that really need a refreshing break. The point of the complex is to highlight the connection between nature and mankind, through an extraordinary Robinson Crusoe-like residence, suspended on a cliff. Aside it, one can swim into the beautiful infinity pool located inside a cliff-top garden.

The hotel comprises many studios with linen curtains and local hand-crafted wooden furniture made in such a way that they further enhance ones connection with the all-around natural world. In need of a dip? One may climb down on the beautiful winding carved-in-rock and wooden stairs to the clear blue sea.

If in need of rest, or just lounge, the views seen from the large windows are amazing. There are also pleasurable amenities available – the temple-like Spa pavilion, yoga room, the Massage Cabana and the Caribbean Drench Hut.

Situated in close proximity to the Montego Bay Airport, this location is very accessible and may well be one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. All you need to do is book a reservation and witness the wonders it hides.


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