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Robb Report’s Private-Jet Excursion will help you see the world

By Victor Baker


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Luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report has just unveiled the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to go on a global journey by private jet, for 23 days. Simply called “Around the World with Robb Report“, this unique experience has been developed with TCS World Travel and will take travelers to 8 exclusive, hand picked destinations, from October 13 to November 4, 2016.

This incredible journey has been custom designed by Robb Report’s editorial staff and will be operated by the private-jet tour company TCS World Travel. Travelers will get to experience the best the world has to offer firsthand: mind blowing hotels, supercars, jewelry, breathtaking yachts, wine, spas and many other things, in three unforgettable weeks.

They will savor a fascinating path through the seas of the South Pacific, they could relax in the savannas of the Serengeti and in several other amazing destinations. Only 52 guests will be able to take this luxurious private jet journey, flying around the globe aboard a customized Boeing 757-200ER, with an executive chef on board and special journey managers that will make sure every traveler will have a personalized experience.

The global journey will start from Honolulu and then it will take travelers to Fiji, Melbourne, Bali, Sri Lanka, Serengeti, Marrakech and Bermuda and even to the annual event where Robb Report announces the luxury car of the year.

Each guest will enjoy driving time behind the wheel of the planet’s finest new vehicles and will help the editors select Robb Report’s next Car of the Year. That’s one way of spending your free time!


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