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River’sTone Is The World’s Most Expensive Speaker System

By Victor Baker


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Built by a Japanese company called Anodic Supply in association with Michio Sakamoto, the  River‘sTone speakers are probably the world’s most expensive sound speakers. River’sTone is premium speaker system, featuring a dedicated bi-amplifier with various high-quality enclosures and a dazzling solid gold finish.

This speaker system shows off a very futuristic design, imagined with the “Less is More” principle in mind but don’t get fooled by its looks, as this system also boasts sonic purity of the highest caliber. This is a three-piece set, with the speakers working alongside an integrated amplifier of identical dimensions, with all that gold having other purposes than an aesthetic one: as gold offers supreme sound quality.

The River’sTone sound system was designed to be extremely clean and minimalist, with each piece handcrafted in Japan. It should be mentioned that the sound system will be available in both gold and silver, with the speakers showing off custom grills that could be even encrusted with diamonds or zircons.

Now, for the shocker: the gold version of the River’s tone speakers is supposedly priced at about $5 million. You didn’t see that one coming, right?


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