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Reviewing the Superb Botta Design Duo Wristwatch

Botta Design Duo

Wristwatches with dual time-zones are not exactly a groundbreaking invention. They are extremely practical, but sometimes they can be overly complicated, which kind of chips their functionality – that’s not the case right here.

If you love watches with multiple time zones and you want to make sure that you get nothing but the unequaled value and durability of Swiss craftsmanship at an affordable price, you might want to take a look at the wonderful Botta Design Duo.

About Botta Design

Botta Design watches

Botta Design has been around since 1986 and mastered its style ever since. Every wristwatch they create is manually constructed in the heart of Germany, with nothing but the best Swiss components. The company makes some of the most stylish wristwatches under $500, and the marvelous Duo Quartz is the peak of their creativity if you ask us.

There are actually seven models of Botta Design wristwatches, and the Duo Quartz one is a smart combination of the Uno and Mondo. Those two models are gorgeous on their own, but together they make the greatest Botta brainchild yet. Let’s move on and start reviewing the actual product you are going to get.

The Specs of Duo Quartz

Botta Design Duo green

With the Duo Quartz, you basically get your local time + the time of another country you might want to travel to. Time is shown by each of the two hands, so you won’t need to try to understand how it works.

These are the specs:

✦ All components are made in Switzerland
✦ Manufactured manually in Germany
✦ Endowed with an impressive Ronda movement


Botta Design Duo back

✦ 40 mm diameter
✦ 7.5 mm height
✦ 43 g weight
✦ Works with 371 battery
✦ Stainless steel
✦ Coated Sapphire glass
✦ 2 time-zones simultaneously
✦ Water resistance up to 3 atmospheres
✦ Leather or rubber strap
✦ 3 colors (black-yellow, black-yellow black edition, black-green).

Even just by looking at the specs, you can realize that this is an excellent wristwatch that would be hard to find a match to. Considering all the state-of-the-art components and its features, the price, ranging between 298€ and 348€ is more than justified.

In my opinion, the most eye-catching thing about this wristwatch is that the design is so minimalistic and simple, but at the same time utterly chic. I’ve seen many brands of dual time-zone wristwatches on the market, but they’re crafted in such a way that you get a headache when you try to figure out what the time is.

All these technical specs with which the Duo Quartz is equipped have one single common purpose: to facilitate the reading of the time. We must thank the hands for that.

Pros and Cons

Like all things on the market, the Duo Quartz has both pros and cons. I will outline them for you to make sure you make an informed decision when you decide to press “Add to basket”. And don’t you worry, I will be as thorough as possible, so I will not miss anything of interest that could potentially affect your choice.


Botta Design Duo top

Honestly, everything about this wristwatch screams “Pro”. For starters:

✦ It is made of stainless steel, which ensures its durability for decades.

✦ It is water resistant, a feature that many wristwatches that can be labeled as “fashionable” do not possess. Therefore, I find this to be a quite unique implementation.

✦ The two-shade dial allows you to see which of the two time-zones is in full daylight and which is still in the dark.

✦ It is really easy to assess the time thanks to the two distinct hands of the wristwatch, each of them pointing towards a particular time-zone. Again, this makes it so much easier for you to know what the time is, unlike many other brands.

✦ The design is unmatched. Simple, yet effective, minimalistic yet so fabulously stylish that you can wear it both with a business suit and a casual outfit.

✦ It is highly accurate, and it stays that way once you’ve set it.

✦ The price. It’s safe to say that the Quartz Duo is extremely affordable, especially if you’re a wristwatch enthusiast or a collector, it won’t be such a big deal for you.


Botta Design Duo side view

✦ It takes some time to get used to setting the time. It is quite difficult to set it to the two time-zones, at least for someone that never had a dual wristwatch before. But on the bright-side, you can easily find tutorials on how to do it without too much hassle.

✦ At first, it might be pretty hard to know the exact time, especially in the second time zone, but once you get used to it, you won’t have any problems.

In my opinion, these are the two major downsides of this wristwatch. There’s nothing wrong with its functionality and design. The cons might even be trivial for some people, in particular those who know everything about the mechanism and those of you who already owned Botta Design wristwatches before.

Concluding Remarks

Botta Design Duo green quartz

All things considered, the Botta Design Duo Quartz is one of the most beautiful dual time-zone wristwatches on the market right now and it will surely be a great addition to anyone’s collection, especially if you love minimalist designs.

If you want to reap the benefits of Swiss craftsmanship and to enjoy your wristwatch for years to come, then I wholeheartedly recommend you this Duo Quartz. It’s not an expense, believe me – it is an investment.


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