Prior Design came up with this jaw dropping Mercedes-AMG GT S

Prior Design Mercedes-AMG GT S

Oh my, now this is a widebody kit! In case you’ve ever thought that Mercedes-AMG GT wasn’t awesome enough, the car tuners from Prior Design have decided to make this supercar ten times more amazing, by creating this heart-stopping widebody kit for this ride called PD800 GT.

With its clean lines, great looks and impressive performances, the Mercedes-AMG GT is already a car that’s pretty close to perfection, but it’s a bit less threatening than some of its direct rivals, that’s why this body kit from Prior Design will turn it into a menacing beast, ready to eat asphalt for breakfast and induce drooling wherever it goes.

The aggressive kit is made of an add-on front spoiler, a new rear diffuser, sporty side skirts and a custom bonnet, wider front and rear wings, a rear trunk spoiler, custom canards and sleek air intake panels.

Prior Design Mercedes-AMG GT S

Maybe some of you would still prefer the car’s clean lines other this, but if you want to have a show-stopping ride, this is your answer. The Prior Design Mercedes-AMG GT will stand out wherever it goes, and it will also come with a custom exhaust system and a new interior, if you future customers really want a unique ride.

This particular Mercedes-AMG GT also sits on a special PD3 Forged Superlight set of wheels, wrapped in high performance tires, of course. Too bad we only have just three photos of this beauty, because I would’ve gawked at it for hours.

Prior Design Mercedes-AMG GT S