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Plaza Athénée Hotel Hosts This Year’s Krug en Capitale

By Brody Patterson


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This year, for the third time in a row, Krug Champagne is hosting one of their prestigious Krug en Capitale events. This edition will be held at the iconic Plaza Athénée, a luxurious setting made even more exclusive by the fact that it is still undergoing renovations and is only scheduled for reopening in the summer.

New-York based French musician and installation artist Sébastien Léon is responsible for redecorating the hotel’s top floor, creating a unique musical sculpture – The Cariloen- inspired by Krug Champagne bottles, for the occasion. The designer has also added his special touch to 150 meters of corridors on two floors, an elevator, two living rooms, two bedrooms and a terrace.

From April 9 to 23, fourteen guests (who have paid the equivalent of about $620 to attend) will have the unique opportunity to discover the cuisine expertly prepared by Michelin-three-star chef Alain Ducasse. All meals, of course, will be accompanied by Krug cuvees.

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