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Philippe Briand’s Egoiste 100 Brings Classic Sailing To The 21st Century

By Victor Baker


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Egoiste 100

The London-based French yacht designer Philippe Briand is pretty well known among yacht enthusiasts and owners right now. But he’s about to get even more famous, thanks to his brand new concept, a superb sailing yacht called Egoiste 100, which aims to bring classic sailing experiences to modern times, with a sleek profile and a minimalist look.

Philippe Briand has been designing sailing yachts for over 40 years, and his latest project – a 100-feet carbon sloop concept – was designed to be a high performance yacht, easy to handle in all conditions. The majestic concept before you also shows off a spacious master cabin and space for two team members, even though you can’t see that from these renderings, but that just means this stylish yacht has been imagined to sail without any crew.

Egoiste 100

The carbon fiber sloop is a fresh take on a classic Eastern Seaboard sailing yacht, with Egoiste 100 being equally suitable for racing events and a pleasure cruise along the coast. On-board customization is a key aspect of Egoiste’s unique design, and a lucky couple would gladly enjoy its comforts.

As we’ve said earlier, Philippe Briand’s portfolio spans four decades, but things are not to become boring in his studio anytime soon; at least, not for now. We’re sorry to say there are no technical details Egoiste 100 to mention, but it’s worth waiting on the real thing to hit the waters.

Egoiste 100

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