The New Iris Series Solar Hybrid Multi-Hull Superyachts by Eramotive

Hybrids are making their way to the sea, as Eramotive, a yacht design studio based in Miami, unveils the Iris Series of Solar Hybrid Multi-Hull Superyachts.

The ships were designed with a very elegant and eye-catching elliptical shape, which has the added benefit of providing extra interior space as well. Each new owner will thus have loads of customizable options to choose from, turning their vessel into anything from a luxurious private yacht, to a floating entertainment venue or conventional center, to an exclusive boutique hotel.

The exterior surface is largely reserved for photovoltaic panels, while also allowing for wide angle views from inside the ship. The alternative source of power is enough to maintain a (completely green) cruising speed of 10 knots; and for an ever greater level of self-sufficiency, there’s a hydroponic garden on board.

The ship’s area can be arranged in such a way as to include an open layout two-tiered salon, VIP suites with saunas, multiple pools, an art gallery, cinema, grand library, tender garage with bamboo drop doors, and area for showcasing up to nine collector cars. The biggest of the three yachts also has a retractable enclosure which can be swiftly converted into a recreational.

Eramotive’s Iris Series yachts are available in three sizes: 45 meters over three decks, 75 meters over five decks, and 125 meters over seven decks.