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Michelle De Lucci Brings You The Alessi Pulcine Espresso Maker

By Victor Baker


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Alessi Pulcine Espresso Maker

A cup of coffee has become much more than a necessary drink in the morning; it’s a ritual for most of us. And since the 21st century is all about socializing, what better way to do so than over a delicious cup of espresso? Sure, you could have it delivered by hand-maidens and butlers in uniforms, but an elegant coffee-maker in a quiet atmosphere might just be equally enjoyable.

Michele De Lucchi’s ‘Pulcina’ espresso maker blends Alessi and Illy caffe’s technological advances, resulting in an intriguing design. This revolutionary mocha device has been imagined 15 years ago, with Pulcina meant to be the mocha device of the new millennium.

Alessi Pulcine Espresso Maker

The Illy-Alessi duo may well be conceived to prove a point, mainly the functionality of the conventional mocha appliance. But with its overall minimalist design and retro lines, this coffee maker looks like a work of art that could fit right away in your home.

By developing an appliance that purifies the organoleptic properties of coffee, the Illy-Alessi duo made sure your experience will by highly enjoyable. Furthermore, coffee lovers will definitely appreciate the chic design of the coffee cup it comes with. The ‘Pulcina’ espresso maker is already available on the market so you can get it right now!

Alessi Pulcine Espresso Maker

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