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Mercedes and Ducati team up for pair of matching vehicles

By Adrian Prisca


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Just a bit over a year ago, Ducati and Mercedes-Benz joined forces, to present the world with brand new style, innovations and technology. They’ve celebrated their anniversary at the Bologna Motor Show, showing a stunning Streetfighter 848 and SLK 55 AMG.

Boasting the superb Streetfighter Yellow tone, they are the perfect eye-catchers; furthermore, the heads of Mercedes-Benz also declared that, if demand shows, the color will be added into the AMG personal option list. The color that describes this “marriage” is, without any doubt, yellow.

It’s seen on both the exterior and the interior of the car, through gorgeous contrast between materials and stitching, on the dashboard, steering wheel, seats and a new finishing teach is the yellow-illumination on the door sill plates. Both the companies haven’t made any performance modifications to the vehicles, because they comprise huge propelling force and guts, as their tradition states.

The Mercedes packs the old 422HP 5.5-liter V8, while the Streetfighter boasts the 132HP power plant. It is to mention that the bike weighs less than 250kg.


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