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McLaren MP4 12C from Hennessey Performance

By Adrian Prisca


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It’s an absolute honor to write about one of the cars we admire the most and even a greater opportunity to talk about a modified version of it. We’re talking about a meaner version of the McLaren MP4 12C, tuned by the all-renowned Hennessey Performance.

They’ve managed to put some more power into this already ferocious vehicle, now developing 800 HP. Considering that the stock version of the supercar delivers 450 HP, we can say that the difference is extremely obvious. This tuned version is called the HPE800 Twin Turbo, currently at the concept stage.

The exterior will boast brand new aerodynamics, while the suspension and brakes will also get festooned. The body kit is made of carbon fiber, for as much lightness as possible, featuring new modified side skirts, front and rear aprons, a howling rear diffuser, discreet rear wing and new-style bonnet. All these provide a lower engine temperature and better downforce.

These parts will be moving thanks to the new humongous Monoblock wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires. The interior will also have its additions, but we’ll be concentrating a bit more on the engine now.

The car will be propelled by the same 3.8-liter 90 V8 engine, overhauled with a better intercooling system, air intake, ECU, fuel and engine management system and first of all, the ball-bearing supercharges will get bettered. New blow-off valves, wastegates, transmission cooler and a more robust clutch system are also improvements that can be noticed within the wheel-power.

The exhaust system, should we mention, is designed by Hennessey and made of titanium. Until we get further notices regarding its price, we can’t wait for more photos and videos of this red silent monster. It surely caught our eyes.


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