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Marshall Hanwell Active Loudspeaker 50th Anniversary Edition

By Adrian Prisca


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We’ve been paying increasingly more attention to the audio-visual industry lately, and our efforts have been rewarded. The spiritual payment comes from Marshall, experts in audio amplifiers, famous for having taken part at superb concerts near the world’s most renowned celebrities.

Jim Marshall’s expertise in creating state of the art audio solutions has been used in the concept of the latest product of the brand, the Marshall Hanwell active loudspeaker. The name comes from the London neighborhood where Jim Marshall has opened his first shop, back in 1962.

In fact, this particular piece is a smaller version of its grander siblings, the wooden cabinets trimmed with black vinyl. It sports a retro power switch that brings forth old memories, nicely polished knobs for treble, bass and volume, resembling the times when Rock & Roll was en vogue.

As for Marshall Hanwell’s performance, it sounds drastically better, much clearer than the older versions. This is partly due to Jim’s vast expertise and partly due to the intricately designed and tuned system with dual woofers and tweeters that cover every Hertz the human ear can detect and even beyond. The resulting sound is crystal clear, an audiophile’s pleasure.

The amplifier will reportedly be available in the oncoming days at hi-fi retailers worldwide and via Marshall Headphones online store.


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