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Mako Slingshot – The Carbon Fiber Wakeboard Of Our Dreams


Looking like something Q would give James Bond and beg him to bring back in one piece, the new Mako Slingshot is a powered wakeboard, crafted from carbon fiber and relying on jet power to deliver the ultimate on-water thrills. A 100cc two-stroke engine is hooked up to a direct-drive axial-flow jet drive to take this thing to speeds of up to 30 mph (48 km/h), making sure that everyone will be looking your way, as this thing isn’t exactly what you’d call quiet.

Even though it’s pretty big, measuring up at 1.88 m (74 in) long and 59.6 cm (23.5 in) wide, this board will be easy to carry since it’s very light thanks to its carbon fiber construction. The board’s fuel tank will hold 2.8 liters (0.74 gal) of fuel, which should deliver around 40 minutes of fun times. Don’t be afraid to get wet; I hear it can be enjoyable.


According to Mako, their wakeboard has been designed to handle even adverse conditions, both in straight line and when you’re leading over in the corners. But unfortunately it can’t handle too much weight, and anyone over 100 kg (220 lb) should refrain from using the board. The rider controls the throttle using a handheld remote, while a push-button starts the engine.

The Slingshot is tuned to be easy to handle by beginners and extremely fun for advanced riders. With a starting price of £7,500 or around $9,800, this stunning wakeboard seems like a good way to spend your free time. Any plans for New Year’s Eve?


Mako Boardsports in British waters

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