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Luxurious & Unique: Lieb Manufaktur’s Incredible Backgammon Boards

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Lieb Manufaktur

Crafted from the finest materials in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Lieb Manufaktur’s bespoke backgammon boards will make you fall in love with the game once again. The company’s name stands for excellent and innovative enjoyment and their specialty is creating one of a kind pieces that are customized down to the finest details.

Carbon fiber, makassar ebony, ivory and stingray leather were combined together to create these incredible boards, each of them unique in its own way and more extraordinary than you can image. These are the world’s most luxurious backgammon boards, for sure, and they come with a lot of options as well.

Lieb Manufaktur

Lieb Manufaktur’s backgammon boards are extremely light, due to the intense usage of carbon fiber and heavy woods in the board, with a beautiful playing surface covered in stingray leather, something that was never done before. The game counters, or checkers, have been also covered in this exquisite leather, while the doubling cube has been made from ivory.

The German company offers two versions of these amazing boards: Somnium, a 57.5 x 78 cm board that’s perfect for competitions and Renovatio, measuring 49.5 x 67 cm, that could be the focal point of your play room at home. All these backgammon boards come in a made-to-measure carrying bag made from high quality leather, to ensure you’re able to enjoy their perfection for many years.

Lieb Manufaktur

The fittings have been specially developed for these games by Lieb Manufaktur, while the dice cups, as well as the grasp, have been made out of carbon fiber as well. Customers may also get gold or solid gold plating for the board, different colors for the playing surface and carrying bag, with Marino felt, Elforyn or Onyx also being up for the grabs.

The company will showcase these amazing backgammon boards at Baselworld this month, and also at Retro Classics in Stuttgart and Top Marques Monaco. The prices for one of these unique games start at 19.400 € or around $21,200. You can find out more info about them at Lieb Manufaktur‘s official website, or at JamesEdition.

Lieb Manufaktur

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