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Limited Edition Vintage Rollei 35 Camera

A special limited edition of the Vintage Rollei 35 Camera, the world’s smallest camera, was just released for collectors who want to bring the 60s tradition back in their life. The new special edition is distributed in Italy by Mafer and it will be available in 38 different versions.

The new Rollei 35 Camera is a truly vintage machine with its structure being built in titanium and using a mechanical movement on a 135 film. Customers could also create their own design for the camera starting from scratch, choosing the components and even the type of lens.

Of all the versions available of the Vintage Rollei 35 Camera, the one that stands the most out is finished in gold and has 1,000 embedded Swarovski crystals. The prices vary from 4,500 EUR ($6,000) for the classic version and could up to to 5,800 EUR for the most luxurious model in gold with Swarovski crystals.



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