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Limited-Edition Bugatti Baby II is the Ultimate Christmas Gift

By Victor Baker


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Bugatti Baby II 1

Some of you may remember the iconic Bugatti Type 35 – the most successful Bugatti racing model of all time. If you don’t know it yet, that’s fine also, as the French supercar maker wants to remind everyone of its glorious past with the uber cool Bugatti Baby II, a modern-day engineering wonder inspired by that legendary racing car.

Part of a limited edition series, the Bugatti Baby II was taken to the historic Willow Springs International Raceway in California to show off its racing roots. Here, a few lucky people had a chance to experience what a ‘Blanc’ Vitesse specification vehicle has to offer in its delimited ‘speed key’ mode.

Bugatti Baby II 2

The beautiful miniature Bugatti before you was developed in collaboration with The Little Car Company and it’s basically a 75% scale Type 35, that will be produced in a limited series of just 500 units. As you can imagine, some building slots have already been reserved for Bugatti customers – first-come, first-served.

Before you decide to get one, you should know that Bugatti Baby II owners will also receive automatic membership to the prestigious Bugatti Owner’s Club and The Little Car Club.

Bugatti Baby II 3

This electric vehicle – yes, it’s electric – was built on a rear-wheel-drive platform and promises an ‘impressive’ range of up to 31 miles.

Showing off a wonderful mix between Type 35 handling and modern technology, this ‘toy’ also offers regenerative braking, adjustable dampers and will reach a surprising top speed of 42 mph.

Bugatti Baby II 4

The Bugatti Baby II can be purchased in one of three versions. First, the Base model will set you back $36,600 and it’s available in French Racing Blue with a lovely black leather interior. Then, the $53,000 Vitesse and the top of the line Pur Sang, that will cost you $71,400, will be available in a series of vintage shades meant to honor the company’s memorable racing liveries.

The Pur Sang version also comes with a handmade aluminum exterior. There are a few extra exterior colors for these two models, such as the options available for the Chiron, if you want to get a matching Bugatti Baby II.

Bugatti Baby II 6

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