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Le Sirenuse is a Real Gem on the Blissful Amalfi Coast

By Victor Baker


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Le Sirenuse

Feeling tired and possibly a bit under the weather? We totally understand, which is why we’re constantly looking for that perfect getaway, where all your worries will go away and life will get a new meaning. Breathtaking views and a luxurious 18th-century Italian Villa, offering impeccable service and the quiet charm of Positano on the iconic Amalfi Coast, seems like the way to go – don’t you agree?

With a colorful exterior on display, Le Sirenuse is one of the most incredible retreats we’ve ever seen, offering spectacular views of the Positano Bay and a beautiful mix of elegance and excellence. Bright tropical flowers, unique furnishings and stunning paintings by Italian masters give Le Sirenuse an irresistible charm, making it as alluring as a siren – hence the name of this gorgeous hotel.

Le Sirenuse

Feel free to choose one of the 63 individually designed rooms and suites at Le Sirenuse, including private terraces overlooking the Amalfi coastline and all the comforts of a high-end hotel, with the homey atmosphere of a private villa. Whitewashed walls, handmade Vietri tile floors and complimentary daily sightseeing excursions in one of the hotel’s boats are waiting for you to come here, even though we realize that one short weekend here just won’t be enough to do it all.

Le Sirenuse will excite you, relax you and also tease you pallets at the fascinating La Sponda Restaurant, where delicious Neapolitan cuisine, prepared with only the finest hand-selected local ingredients, can be experienced amidst a romantic atmosphere either outdoors on the terrace or indoors, where you’ll be surrounded by more than 400 candles. I’m not sure about you, but I am packing as we speak.

Le Sirenuse

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