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Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico

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For those of you who enjoy romance and adventure, we found a superb resort where these two can be put together for an absolutely incredible experience. Besides these, you may also indulge yourself with tennis or golf games, whale watching, sun-bathing or the all-famous tequila.

Located in Los Cabos, Mexico, a short drive away from San Jose del Cabo and Cabo san Lucas, and 20 minutes away from the San Jose del Cabo airport, Las Ventanas al Paraiso is an incredibly beautiful resort, packed with state-of-the-art facilities and services. Furthermore, its placement, among the southern tip of Baja, offers the resort uniqueness, exclusivity and elegance.

The name of the place means “the windows to paradise” in Spanish, the spot matching it easily. Apart from its artificial man-made beauty, the natural setting is quite unique as well, the lush vegetation that surrounds the resort meeting the hostile Baja desert, as well as the fine sands and turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Overall, it features an outdoor swimming pool, suites and a suggestively named cuisine spot “The Restaurant”. All of these share breathtaking views over the Sea of Cortez. This way, you may watch whales and dolphins playing within their natural environment, assisted by telescopes placed in every room. The bathrooms are exquisite in their own way, with marble and limestone finishes.

The resort’s spa is also a great way of spending your precious time, being pampered with local treatments and massage techniques. Every suite measures 960 square feet in surface, assuring you with all the space you would need, while every day spent at this one-of-a-kind resort brings you a whole lot of fine services, like a tequila welcome and a basket full of fresh fruits every morning.

At costs starting at $528 per night, a vacation spent here should be considered a bargain, thanks to the level of spoiling, comfort and relaxation, all at incredibly low prices.


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