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Invictus 240CX – Style & Luxury in a Compact Offering

Invictus 240CX

Superyacht design seems to follow the automotive industry right now, where compact and fuel-efficient vehicles have taken over everyone’s focus, as we speak – the brand new Invictus 240CX could be easily considered the latest example, even though it’s not really a superyacht.

With its sleek lines, an eye catching two-tone look, and a wonderful wrap-around windshield, complemented by Italian heritage, this beauty looks like the perfect ride for a short cruise. Designer Christian Grande envisioned a large interior space for this vessel, with a generously sized bed and plenty of natural light, while a fold-away bimini covers the whole living area and keeps passengers cool at all times.

Invictus 240CX

This gorgeous Invictus vessel was built using nothing but the best materials, showing off superb craftsmanship and seducing anyone who dares to come close to it, thanks to a wonderful contrast between colors and textures. There’s also ample storage space on board, and that’s impressive considering the performance and ride comfort this boat aims to offer.

The Invictus 240CX will officially be presented during the 2017 Cannes Yachting Festival, with 250 ponies putting it in motion and taking you anywhere you want to go in complete style and comfort. We will find out pretty soon more details and price-tags for this project and we’ll keep you updated!

Invictus 240CX


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