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If you love Strong Coffee, AnZa is a Concrete Espresso Machine

By Victor Baker


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AnZa espresso machine

That perfect cup of coffee that will get you up and going every single morning is no longer a dream – at least not one that requires a long drive or a time-consuming wait, while others order their favorite drink.

The aesthetics of kitchen essentials have gone way beyond functionality and practicality these days, but the latest creation of the California-based design studio Montaag has re-imagined the traditional espresso machine in a surprising way, with a tough, industrial vibe, that will simply take your breath away.

Called AnZa, this brand new espresso machine will feature on any coffee prosumers bucket list and features a superb concrete body and allows anyone to brew a decent espresso with a single pod and a push of a button.

AnZa espresso machine

Available with white and wood details as well, the concrete version of AnZa weighs in at 15 kg and it’s a design study meant to remind people that there are no rules or boundaries when it comes to design, and that unexpected materials may actually be used in the kitchen. Currently looking for funding, this gorgeous espresso machine is just $2,000 away from its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

If everything goes according to plan, the very first AnZa espresso machines will be available in March 2018; in the meantime, two models of the prototype can be viewed in Selfridges’ London store in the UK, with no information regarding official pricing or from where you might get one of these in the near future. Coffee, anyone?

AnZa espresso machine

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