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The Hunton XRS43 Luxury Powerboat

By Brody Patterson


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Hunton is a British luxury powerboat manufacturer known for making some really awesome watercraft. The latest in a long line of excellent ships is the XRS43.

The boat features a rare mix of elegance and power. The sleek outlook, clean lines, unparalleled attention to details, as well as the use of high-end materials underscore the manufacturer’s desire to create something truly beautiful. The vessel boasts an elegant charcoal grey hull, teak decking, fine leather upholstery, and bespoke design interiors. On the other hand, the powerful engine the XRS43 was fitted with, one which allows it to achieve a top speed of over 70 mph, shows that Hunton also wanted their boat to provide an exhilarating ride.

So if you enjoy hitting the waves at high speeds and have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare, the Hunton XRS43 might be exactly what you’re looking for this summer.


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