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Huge Moto Plans to Seduce us all with this Amazing Concept Motorcycle

By Victor Baker


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Huge Moto

The San Francisco-based custom motorcycle design and fabrication shop known as Huge Moto has been delivering motorbike enthusiasts from all over the world unique projects on two wheels, featuring an industrial design and incredible levels of attention to detail.

But the best is about to come, as the American company has revealed its most ambitious project yet, a stylish motorcycle concept called Mono Racer. For this impressive bike, Huge Moto started off with a futuristic carbon fiber frame and swing-arm, inspired by the brand’s existing bikes, mixed with aggressive lines and interesting details that will surely turn a lot of heads on the streets.

Huge Moto

The real challenge was to imagine a clean, yet aggressive bike, without sacrificing practicality or performance, and we think the designers from Huge Moto have done a brilliant job! The bold and simple design they came up with, makes the American company hope that this bike can generate big enough waves to enter the fabrication process.

The Mono Racer is still nothing more than a refined concept right now, but we’re sure that positive input and a lot of excitement, will get a fully staffed team of engineers trying to make it happen. Since the company is moving shop into a new facility in San Francisco, the capability to prototype motorcycles is well under way. Any thoughts?

Huge Moto

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