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Hublot unveils the amazing Baby Million watch

By Adrian Prisca


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Hublot is renowned for creating luxurious wristwatches that reflect elegance and modernism at the same time, with a touch of opulence. Honoring the Belles Montres Show in Paris they have presented their latest creation, the Baby Million, the result of monumental hand-craft and attention to detail.

The mechanical chronograph and black dial encased in 18k white gold form this 44-mm’s miniature clock-tower mechanism, while it’s decorated with an entire army of gems and stones – 451 brilliant-cut diamonds and 440 baguette-diamonds totaling 28 carats.

Although the numbers of stones encrusted on the watch aren’t small at all, they don’t let out the feeling of too much bling, giving a touch of elegance. Furthermore, the gadget was designed by Haute Joaillerie – this exponentially increases its value.

With yet no detailing regarding prices, we can only wait for more information on how these masterpieces can be purchased.

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