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Honda RC213V-S is Honda’s Most Expensive Street-legal Motorcycle

By Victor Baker


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Honda RC213V-S

Good news for speed freaks everywhere, as Honda delivers more power and excitement with the launch of its most expensive street-legal production motorcycle. The new Honda RC213V-S is actually a superbike developed for MotoGP, that also complies with the rules and regulations you have to obey on your way to work.

Interested? I bet you are, but first off you should know that Honda’s new street-legal racing bike goes on sale in July, for a cool $184,000. Expensive, fast and maneuverable, the RC213V-S is based on the RC213V winning motorcycle which was designed exclusively for racing. About 80% of the parts on the bikes are shared.

Honda RC213V-S

This wicked street version also comes with an aluminum frame, an under-seat gas tank and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic bodywork. The bike is powered by a 999cc V4 engine connected to a six-speed gearbox. Noise restrictions have led to a restricted engine, to about 8,000 rpm; I guess that soundtrack had to be worked upon.

No matter, as this Honda features adjustable power modes and engine-brake control, plus a race-developed traction control system and RS10 tires, courtesy of Bridgestone Corporation. Please note that only 200 of Honda’s most expensive street-legal production motorcycles will hit the streets, with a kit exclusively developed for use on closed circuits also available.

Honda RC213V-S

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