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Harrods unveils the world’s most expensive coffee

By Adrian Prisca


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Coffee is one of the world’s most spread out necessities of today, simply because it’s the main source of energy during mornings for some of us. As more and more people start to get up early in order to head to work, coffee is becoming a member of the family. In order to satisfy the tastes of the rich, Harrods are ready to offer the Terra Nera, the world’s best coffee.

It comes from the southeast of the Peruvian Andes, from Quechua, the beads having been excreted by some elusive creatures called civet palm cats. They are afterwards dried and process. Full percent Arabica, aromas of dry leather, hazelnut and bitter cocoa can be experienced when enjoying a cup of Uchunari.

Sadly, the total yearly quantity of finished Terra Nera is just around 45 kilograms, therefore this type of coffee is extremely exclusive. It is currently sold on pre-order, available in 6 grades, and delivered in a Kraft paper pouch with included freshness valve. A complimentary coffee machine is also offered on orders of more than half a kilogram.

The best Terra Nera, grade 0, can be purchased in solid Britannia sterling silver and 24 carat gold plated sacks, engraved and hand manufactured by the acclaimed silversmith Rebecca H. Joselyn. Depending on quantity and grade, the prices of the Terra Nera range between £140 (around $225) and £6,800 (approximately $11,000).


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