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Great Custom Private Jet Paint Job by French Design Company

By Brody Patterson


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You’d think owning a private jet would already be quite a statement, but some what a little bit extra. And while lots of owners choose to customize their airplanes, most of the work is done to the interior, with very few actually opting to modify the outside appearance. This is why the work of French company Happy Design Studio is so eye-catching.

The task was customizing a Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft. What the French design company came with was a fading, striped pattern, starting from the airplane’s tail and moving toward its front. Inspired by a ceramic tile detail taken from the interior’s tableware set, the pattern consists of five lines of color and 150 vertical stripes, covering the jet’s entire body. The same pattern was used for the engine cowling, the only difference being that there the lines are horizontal instead of vertical.

In addition to setting the jet apart from others of its kind, this custom paint job by Happy Design Studio creates quite an intriguing effect, showing how much an airplane’s exterior can be improved with just a special pattern applied to it.

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