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A Grand Tourer of the Sea – The Revolver 44GT, by Revolver Boats

By Brody Patterson


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Italian designers and engineers are famous for the excellent supercars they create – and there’s no reason that skill and ingenuity can’t be put to good use when it comes to other kinds of machines as well. With this in mind, meet the Revolver 44GT, by Revolver Boats.

Just like the grand tourers which turn heads on the road, the Revolver 44GT was designed with performance in mind. Thanks to its two Cummins diesel 550hp engines, this 13.4-meter boat can reach a top speed of 60 mph, with a maximum range of 440 nm.

The sleek and aggressive exterior emphasizes the sporty nature of the boat, with high tech materials used in its construction, while the interior is stylish and luxurious. Below deck there’s a large perimeter sofa which can be converted into a double bed, as well as a kitchen and a minibar. There’s even an air conditioning system and an electronically operable glass roof.

What you have at the end of the day is no mere powerboat, but an excellent vessel which could be great as tender for a superyacht and is equally awesome all by itself.


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