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Givori Adds Some Extravagant iPhone 6S Devices To Its Calypso Collection

By Victor Baker


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The creator of exquisite phone pieces, Givori, knows no boundaries when it comes to meticulous finesse and luxurious accessories. The UAE-based brand has recently unveiled the Calypso range, a limited edition series of embellished iPhone 6S smartphones, covered with 1,091 individual diamonds which total around 10 carats.

The new Calypso collection has been inspired from the mythical creatures of the sea, featuring 117 individually carved Mother of Pearl, Onyx or Malachite phones, with a sumptuous fish scale design that’s set into a gold grid on the back of the iPhones.

But the most important addition from this collection is definitely the Givori Calypso Diamond iPhone 6S edition, which features precious diamonds set in a pure white gold frame, with black platinum on the front of the device. All these precious materials and gems raise the price of this iPhone 6S at $30,000 but you should also know that only 50 units like these will be ever made.



The Givori Calypso Diamond iPhone 6S edition impresses with the highest grade diamonds, while the Malachite edition will charm you in seconds with its solid yellow frame and the Mother of Pearl version with a sweet rose gold.

Every single device from the Calypso collection features a brushstroke finish and this line has been launched, back in 2010, Givori’s Calypso series has received much attention and appreciation – no doubt, for good reason.


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