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Frank Stephenson will Impress you with the Riverbreeze Powerboat

By Victor Baker


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Do you love the super cool Mini Cooper? What about the ravishing Ferrari F430 or the mind blowing McLaren P1? Obviously, the answer is ‘yes’, and the man to thank all that for is Frank Stephenson, design director at McLaren Automotive.

So, now you know that Frank Stephenson is really talented with a pen and paper, at least when it comes do vehicle design but what do you think about his latest project – the stylish Riverbreeze Powerboat?


Stephenson’s Riverbreeze Powerboat is all about enjoying the ride at a reasonable speed. Powered by an electric powertrain, the vessel will take you on a smooth trip through water. The boat features a wonderful shape resembling a torpedo, coming with a 4.2-kilowatt electric pod motor which uses eight Varta 12-volt marine batteries to get you going.

The 31-footer powerboat shows off stunning hardwoods, such as rosewood and mahoganies from Brazil and Africa, coated with not one, or two, but 35 layers of lacquer. That should explain that mesmerizing elegant overall look, right?


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