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Fincantieri & Pininfarina Designed The Ottantacinque Luxury Yacht

By Victor Baker


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The 2015 Monaco Yacht Show saw shipbuilding group Fincantieri and Pininfarina reveal their outstanding new project, a marvelous yacht concept called Ottantacinque. The best designers from the two Italian brands came together to create an aesthetically pleasing yacht, which would use only the latest technologies and exclusive materials.

Ottantacinque will be 85 meters long and will feature five decks, with impressive details inside-out. The main deck for example, will feature coupled twin pools and an elevated sun bed, offering breathtaking views of the sea.

The pools would have an adjustable bottom, in case the future owners of this beauty will want to adjust their depth, and it could be even fully raised to the top to create a spacious, open platform measuring more than 160 square meters.


This ambitious project tries to bring even more attention to Italian yacht design, with the focus on contemporary liens, the latest technological solutions and the best in comfort and luxury.

And keeping in line with Pininfarina’s natural vocation for stunning designs, achieved by combining tradition with innovative solutions, the Ottantacinque could be easily considered a sculptural floating home with elegant and dynamic areas.

Looking forward to see this beauty going from a design study to an actual yacht!


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