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Ferrari 599 GTO refined by Wheelsandmore

By Adrian Prisca


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Even though the production of the 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO is about to be stopped, there are still tuning companies out there that would tweak it to look better or even to boost its power. Such a company is Wheelsandmore, a German tuner that thinks the stock 599 GTO can be even better.

They’ve added mainly some extra horses to the car, better esthetics and all sorts of gadgetry and refurnishing. They’ve upgraded the original V12 to produce a stunning 715 HP, 45 more than the 670 HP the stock car delivers. They achieved this through a series of tweaks done to the engine, while the exhaust system has been changed with a stainless-steel sports one.

Related to visual-upgrading, they have added two gorgeous black stripes to the yellow bonnet, for a superb contrast and racing-spirit. The car runs on Hankook S1 Evo tires, wrapped around 3-piece 21-inch 6Sporz rims that contribute to this car’s power / weight ratio.

The car is to be presented until the end of this year with the prices yet to be expected.


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