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Experiencing A Safari At Abu Camp Should be on your Bucket List

By Victor Baker


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Abu Camp

Have you ever dreamed about experiencing a wild safari right in the heart of Africa’s pristine Okavango Delta? Well, we’re here to deliver; actually, it is the luxurious tented accommodations at Abu Camp that allow you to live the dream, while sipping on a gin and tonic on the teak deck.

Once the sun sets, you can crawl out of the shadows and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere created by the campfire as it illuminates the starry evening sky. If it happens for a herd of elephants to stroll past your door, don’t be afraid; it’s all part of the location’s unique charm.

Abu Camp

Speaking of which, the lofty Afro-Bedouin tents will prove to be an incredible place to spend the night. Each of the six units nestled under the shady canopy, provides guests with incredible furnishings and a lovely en-suite shower and bath.

Have we mentioned the pool, lounge and the well-stocked bar? Aside of the elephants, the biggest neighbors to roam close to Abu Camp, there various others species of wildlife to take a selfie with. You’ll get a chance to see them all on game drives, night drives, guided walks, and mokoro safaris.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s way more safe, and enjoyable, to have a cold drink on a hot day, surrounded by these beautiful views.

Abu Camp

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