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Everyone Wants A Piece Of The Urwerk UR-210 CP ‘Clou De Paris’

By Victor Baker


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Urwerk UR-210 CP

Finding the right words to describe a new timepiece from Urwerk is always extremely difficult; first, the technical details are usually super complicated and hard to swallow and on the other hand, how many ways are there to praise the same brand, over and over?

These spectacular machines are unbelievable, and the Urwerk UR-210 CP ‘Clou De Paris’ is just the latest addition to an already impressive list. With a black and textured visual refresh, the sinister package features the same UR-7.10 caliber, allowing the Urwerk UR-210 CP “Clou De Paris” to put out a certain biologic vibe.

This unique design, with stunning intersecting lines that form tiny pyramidal shapes, helps this timepiece to make a bold statement around anyone’s wrist.

Urwerk UR-210 CP

The UR-7.10 movement exhibited in the Urwerk UR-210 CP “Clou De Paris” edition is truly special as well, exhibiting dual winding indicators, and the 39-hour reserve of the watch also deserves a mention here, benefiting from a red and green winding efficiency indicator – a useful tool no doubt.

On the back of the case you’ll find a series of efficiency selectors, enabling the wearer to interact with the watch in a third way and adjust even the degree of sensitivity of the mainspring – depending on the type of activity you find yourself partaking.

The luminous green-on-black contrast should not come as a surprise, allowing the Urwerk UR-210 CP “Clou de Paris” to live up to the brand’s ingenious designs, although it shares the AlTiN-coated titanium and steel case with the UR-210 “Black Hawk” edition. The price-tag is different, however, this new Urwerk beauty being valued at $150,000.

Urwerk UR-210 CP


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