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Escapade is a Beautiful 37.5-Meter Sailing Yacht

By Brody Patterson


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Designed by Dubois Naval Architects and built by Fitzroy Yachts, the Escapade is a magnificent 37.5-meter sailing yacht which has been delivered to its owners earlier this year, owners who have already embarked on a world cruise.

The luxurious yacht boasts an eye-catching champagne-colored hull, black carbon mast, and grey sails, with every design detail carefully considered together with owners. Thus the ship, which was initially planned to be 33 meters long, ended up being 37.5 meters in order to accommodate every request.

The exterior deck space offers more than enough room for those on board to fully enjoy a sunny trip, with sun loungers aft and a tender storage area that can also be used as a Jacuzzi forward. The interior, on the other hand, was developed by Design Unlimited, once again taking into consideration the owners` ideas. The outcome is a welcoming space which can accommodate up to ten guests in comfort and style.

Created by some of the leading names in the world of ship building and design, Escapade is an excellent ship which showcases the high quality results which can be achieved when owners and designers work together and understand each other.


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