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Enjoy Johnnie Walker’s The Commemorative 1920 Edition

By Victor Baker


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The Commemorative 1920 Edition

Marking the fifth release in Johnnie Walker’s Epic Dates Collection, The Commemorative 1920 Edition is ready to tease your senses with a fresh aroma and an exclusive packaging. This special whisky release honors the year when John Walker & Sons have traveled from the four corners of Scotland to 120 countries across the globe, spreading the word about these fine spirits.

You are probably expecting a limited edition, and you would be right to do so. Only 540 bottles of Johnnie Walker’s The Commemorative 1920 Edition have been created, each one individually numbered and signed by the brand’s Master Blender Jim Beveridge. The unique blend for this special whisky is based on a classic technique used in 1920, making it a rare treat that’s almost impossible to replicate.

The Commemorative 1920 Edition

Featuring a fresh, fruity fragrance, with floral hints of heather and sweet vanilla, The Commemorative 1920 Edition is one of those smooth Johnnie Walker drinks that you’ll want to enjoy to the fullest, probably alone, with a fine cigar and in complete silence.

Best savored neat, with a glass of ice cold water on the side, this extraordinary blend is available in Johnnie Walker Houses in Singapore, Taiwan, Mumbai, Schiphol, Israel, Korea, and Auckland, and you will only have to pay £1,970 per bottle if you’d like to experience it. Ready for a treat?

The Commemorative 1920 Edition

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