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DesignQ’s Concept Plane is Ready To Take You on the Safari

By Victor Baker


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DesignQ Explorer

Going on the safari isn’t what is used to be; don’t get me wrong, it’s way easier and even more enjoyable these days, but it seems to have lost a small part of its raw appeal. To support this statement, this futuristic concept plane, imagined by DesignQ, provides the perfect excuse and conditions to feel better than anyone else, even in the safari.

The U.K.-based design studio developed the DesignQ Explorer for BAE Systems, a global defense and aerospace company, and this is actually the first of four concepts which aim to explore the possibilities for an Avro Business Jet, based on a re-purposed BAE146 regional jet.

In this case, the spacious layout of this unique concept plane allows passengers to enjoy a unique outdoor deck, that’s deployable in just a few minutes and it’s just what you need to take a closer look at the amazing wildlife in the safari, even if you’re still on the plane.

DesignQ Explorer

Other features worth mentioning include a barbecue station, a marble-floor entryway, and a fully equipped office, that you could take with you on the safari, yes. On the inside, this unique jet offers various other areas, going from functional to outrageous, such as a unique dining area, a lounge, two private staterooms, and special crew quarters.

With four jet engines working hard, DesignQ’s Explorer is fully capable of landing on grass, gravel, or sand airstrips – no more limits. Although introduced back in 2010, none of the safari-ready aircraft imagined by DesignQ have yet found an owner – at $6 million apiece, I couldn’t imagine why.

DesignQ Explorer

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