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Classic Kodak Camera Inspires Exclusive Fender Studioliner Guitar

By Victor Baker


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Fender Studioliner Guitar

Fender’s custom shop master builder Yuriy Shishkov has been raiding the company’s jewelry box, in an effort to imagine a one-of-a-kind Strat-shaped marvel called Studioliner. Inspired by a gorgeous 1936 Kodak Bantam Special camera, this Masterbuilt Prestige Studioliner guitar was specially designed to celebrate Fender Custom Shop’s 30th anniversary and.. it’s valued at around $450,000!

That’s because this special red, black and silver six string beauty boasts a thousand diamonds embedded on its body – 423 to the front, 462 around the back and 115 in the remaining areas to impress and seduce every single one of us. There’s also a bit of silver work, some rubies striking Guilloche Enamel inlays and custom made hardware, to complete this ravishing package. Had enough?

Fender Studioliner Guitar

Obviously, this luxurious piece was not meant to show off your guitar skills or blues touch, although it’s packing exhibition wood, has been treated to three rail pickups, custom electronics, as well as an attractive custom Deco bridge.

This one-off Fender Studioliner is a thing of beauty, extreme beauty if you ask us, but we have no idea if it sounds as great as it looks. The question is this: if you could actually afford it, would you dare to touch and play this guitar, or would you preserve it in pristine condition forever and ever?

Fender Studioliner Guitar

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