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Cinquantacinque is 55 Metres of Yachting Pleasure

By Victor Baker


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Cinquantacinque is a new incredible superyacht concept, revealed just a couple of days ago by Corgo Yacht Design and Martinez Design. Looking stylish and dynamic from front to bottom, this exquisite vessel was inspired by the world of motorsports, showing off the same attitude as a proper racing car; but rest assured, you’ll feel extremely comfortable aboard.

The two design studios have imagined a gorgeous 55-metre project that could host up to twelve guests, catered by a crew of ten, with the future owner of this beauty benefiting from an expansive owner’s suite on the main deck – these are the spoils of the winner whose bank accounts go way deep.


Nonetheless, all passengers will be enjoying a range of spacious social areas, where entertainment and dining will prove to be unique experiences. Of course, the entire interior layout will probably get to be chosen by the future owner of this yacht, but apparently a bar and relaxation area with a jacuzzi are already in the plans for this yacht.

And speaking of its racing car attitude, this vessel is expected to reach top speeds of 18 knots, with a cruising speed of 12 knots. We guess the aluminum superstructure and two 1,250 kw engines will help with that. I’m sorry to say there’s no pricing information to talk about, but I doubt many of us will be able to afford this yachting dream.


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