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Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Limited Editions

By Adrian Prisca


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A premiere in the world of luxury, Pininfarina has teamed up with Chivas Regal to design, develop and manufacture the exquisite Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Limited Editions. Having been founded back in 1909, the premium whisky blend has been working with worldly top visionaries since its establishment, and has chosen to keep a close relationship with Pininfarina since 1930.

There are three different versions of the Chivas 18, each of bottles of the limited editions boasting design features from Pininfarina, like the blazon on the neck wrap and capsule and the Italian company’s logo.

The first item in this collection is based on a streamlined drop, providing a sense of movement inherent to Pininfarina. The outer case has been finished in a rich blue, metallic tone, with a wood veneer, reminder of the extremely important oak barrels in the aging process of Chivas 18. Also to mention, each drop is made of 85 distinct aromas. This piece is priced at $146 and is reportedly available at Duty Free.

The second expression of the Chivas 18 boasts with a wood inlay and comes with an even more aerodynamic shape. The set features two whisky glasses which remind of The Drop design, inspired by two utterly important elements, liquid and air, and comes with individual numbering, which further increases the exclusivity factor. In is available at Duty Free at $585.

The third expression reportedly takes inspiration from the wood work frame used to refine the Mascherone, the new automobile shapes. This piece is in fact the peak of the collection, a genuine sculptural masterpiece manufactured in Italy. It was assembled by hand by Pininfarin, in Cambiano, and boasts an aluminum cladding and oak internal structure. Unfortunately, we don’t have any availability or pricing details for this one.

Out of these pieces, only 5 will be on display, while others can be individually manufactured by hand to order, on request. The items on display will reportedly be lit from beneath, a magnificent way to bring them to life.


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